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Actorapists: Official Trailer

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Actorapists: A new Series for the Web!


The master of mantras James Hart (Kyle McDonald) runs a psychodrama studio – psychodrama being a method of group psychotherapy in which participants take roles in improvisational dramatizations of emotionally charged situations. James, with his troupe of actors – comprised of the self-absorbed Lindsay (Kristina Pesic), the day-dreamer Bodhi (Shawn Ahmed), the cynical Brennan (Brendan Jeffers), and the sane Kirsten (Katie Odegaard) – helps patients – or “protagonists” – to work through their difficulties – or “traumatic ordeals.”


The only trouble is...they’re terrible at it. Because of this they can’t quite pay the bills, which prompts Kirsten to rent out the troupe to an ad firm run by the oleaginous Brently Targaryen (Darryl Hinds) – the dragon master – who insists that James sells out by doing a commercial for a dating site.

James Hart needs to make a tough decision: does he stay true to his principals and perhaps let his company founder, or does he seek the counsel of his sensei (Scott Thompson), confront an old fear, and save the day?

Episode 1: Actors, Thespians, Carnies. Psychodrama in SD.

James Hart, the head of a group of Actorapists – actors who double as therapists – desperately searches for money to keep the studio afloat AND get out of SD into HD.

Episode 2: Too Poor for HD.

The quest for money continues as James tries to make Brennan into an “at risk youth” in order to get grant funding.

Episode 3: Everyone, meet Norman.

James and the group coach a new patient…Norman.

Episode 4: The Two Blondes.

Norman returns as Lindsay and Kirsten duke it out over James’ affections.

Episode 5: An "HD"ecent proposal.

Brentley Targaryen, the head of Gal industries marketing, comes in to save the day…but at a price…

Episode 6: New Studio, New Patients, New Trauma.

The troupe works with Dave and Amy on their relationship, even as James and Kirsten’s relationship blossoms…to the dismay of everyone else…

Episode 7: Vroom Vroom.

Brentley is back and wants James to appear in a web ad for a dating, but James is reluctant…despite the fact that it could save his troupe!

Episode 8: Grand Master Liam.

Confronted with his stage fright, James must seek the counsel of his sensei. In the meantime, Bodhi has been left in charge of the studio…

Episode 9: Taking the Bull by the Corns.

Season finale: James must use Grand Master Liam’s tutelage to save the day at the studio as a coaching with Norman goes haywire!

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