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Our mission:

Our Mission is to get enough viewers to demonstrate Proof of Concept, so big business can foot the bill for shooting GAMERS ANONYMOUS.


     Gamers Anonymous is an original comedic series for the web about Adam Cardiff, who, in order to win the big tournament, regain his confidence, and show the world that he’s a professional, must take a rag-tag band of video game addicts and turn them into lean, mean, online-gamer machines, all without letting his parents know what he's up to.  




Adam Cardiff hasn't been the same since he choked and lost the big tournament a year ago. Now, he has no friends, no job, no girlfriend, and no life. To make matters worse, he's living with his parents who are convinced that he has an addiction: an addiction to video games. Out of concern for their son, they force him to attend meetings with a new group devised to help people just like Adam: Gamers Anonymous.



It's here that he meets the other members of the group: people whose lives have been dominated by their love of the game. This is even more depressing for Adam. However, a smart, brazen young reporter named Corinne penetrates the group; she wants to do an article on his story. He's reluctant to have his personal life on display, but when she offers him a guaranteed spot in the upcoming tournament, he can't resist the opportunity to get his life – and his dignity – back.



Using every resource at his disposal, he trains the members of the group and turns them into a fighting force worthy of the tournament, only: has he gone too far? As he pulls out all the stops to get to the top, he, and the people around him, are left wondering if he does have a problem as he ventures into more and more morally nebulous territory. Is it worth sacrificing the people around you for victory?

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